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Eco-friendly technologies.

The Big Easy Cleaner with Kescher.



The portable Big Easy Cleaner is designed to do-it-yourself cleaning underwater-hulls of sailing and motor yachts. In the context of merchantable biocide-free non-stick coatings, the Big Easy Cleaner gains a new relevance.



always clean underwater hull
better to maneuver
less fuel expenses
less overall maintenance


Big Easy Cleaner advantages

Excellent cleaning results within short treatment time
Anytime, site-independent cleaning possible
Adjustable contact pressure by air-pump
easy to use
the more often you do, the easier it gets
no previous knowledge necessary
plug-in modules, no tools
small storage when disassembled
applicable on board, from jollyboat oder pier



Mode of operation

Big Easy Cleaner adapts the hull shape automatically and is buoyed up towards the hull surface smoothly. Periodical application removes the initial fouling film more easily, thus avoiding more severe encrustation whilst anchorage and on the way as well throughout season.

The cleaning element provides an integrated tube system, to adjust the floatation or rather cleaning surface pressure by means of an air-pump. Attach a brailer to collect the stripped encrustation of fouling matter which can then be disposed of easily. Brailer not in scope of delivery.

Big Easy Cleaner sailing yachts’ special features

The cleaning material comes as eco-friendly fleece to string the Big Easy Cleaner. We provide two different fleece qualities (soft and medium) to fit the fouling grade of your underwater hull well. In order to protect your coating, do not apply maximum floatation and medium quality fleece always. Combining fleece quality and floating force well means facile elimination of beginning fouling film up to strong encrustation.

Compared to aquanauts treatment, you receive an even result.