Technical functionality of Big Easy Cleaner

The innovative technique will be available in two different models based upon the same functional principle.

Big Easy Cleaner – are mechanical and manual cleaning devices for motor ships and sailing ships and they are adjustable in buoyancy for operation on underwater hulls of yachts lying in water.

The included rectangular buoyancy element, once it pushed into the water it nestles up against the hull with up to an equivalent of 5 kg.

Filling an integrated air hose with an air pump will increase the cleaner’s buoyancy infinitely variable up to 8 kg. By this, it is possible to fit softer or stronger purgation pressure to suit different encrustation levels while preventing the coating from damage by too strong purgation pressure.


Special sailing yachts' features

Sailing set comes with:

  1. two-part buoyancy body with air tube
  2. two cleaning vleece mats, soft and medium.
  3. three restraint straps with rubber ring
  4. fixation frame
  5. telescope rod with angulated end
  6. air pump
  7. water-repellent bag                                                     
  8. bag size: 840 x 250 x 120 mm
  9. total weight 2,6 kg                                                                                                   



Mechanical cleaning set for sailors                                                        

An appropriate fleece, soft or medium, has to fit onto the buoyancy lifting body. This should allow removing from the hull a 3 or 4 months bio fouling from your underwater-hull.                                                                                                                    

The two-part, stable and flexible buoyancy element, made of water-repellent material, fits onto the underwater-hull form automatically.






To fix the fleece with the surrounding straps at the cleaner’s three pressure points, every strap has an elastic rubber rings to sustain flexibility as well as stability.

Adjustment to hull-shape will be achieved by alternating tightening and untightening the gliding buoancy elements.









Special motor yachts' features

Motor set comes with:

  1. buoyancy body with air tube
  2. three special brushes of graduated hardness, asymmetrically arranged
  3. cover plate
  4. fixation frame
  5. telescope rod with angulated end
  6. air pump
  7. water-repellent bag
  8. bag size: 840 x 230 x 200 mm
  9. total weight 3,8 kg



The concave spezial brushes of different lengths, owing to the bristle mixing ratio, are able to override the fiddlestechnik5
and fuselage frames. By this, all space between the fiddles in every application angle will be reached precisely.                                                      

The one-part trapezoid buoyancy element for motor-boats features a cavity for the hose-system. The cover-plate, also has a fixation function for the opposite brushes.                                                                                                                 






Big Easy Cleaner manual handling:

Initially, the Big Easy Cleaner is set onto the deepest point of the underwater hull to be treated.

For sailing yachts, you start cleaning process midships, plunging discrete paths side by side to the stern. Following the same procedure to the bow.

For motor yachts, you start cleaning at stern, plunging discrete paths side by side to the bow.
Let the paths overlap slightly and work precisely. The paths plunged can be recognized by the cleaned waterline segment.

Underwater steering is made possible by the anti-twist telescope rod and an additional angle rod which keep the line as well as improving power transmission from cleaner to hull.