Keep the ocean easy clean

Biocide-free! Ship hull cleaning






Ship hull cleaning: biocide free and in-water application.

Ship owners: a simple step to environmental action

Why waiting – biocide-free coatings and advantages only

Now, the shipowners themselves can contribute to continuously increasing ecological awareness, by using biocide-free coatings. And exiting the decades-long disposal of toxic coatings in our waterbodies.

Long-term proven innovations make it easy switching to environmentally dealing with hull coatings and their preventive in-water cleaning. Since EU biocide-regulation came into force, the market is increasingly presenting such technology, coating as well as cleaning devices. Make your cleaning choice apart from expensive divers, crane or side slip technology.

Along the way relieving waterbodies from toxic materials, you achieve a better hull slippage which in the same time means fuel savings around 20 to 40 percent and equivalent CO2 emission.

Biocide-free coatings' manufacturers confirm 5 years durability of their products.

The Big Easy Cleaner care should be performed periodically, because there is no way for the vegetal fouling cover to encrustrate in short time. In return, the cleaning itself is much easier to perform than elaborate slipping or diving action in order to make hull purgation executable at all. The new repellent coatings make Big Easy Cleaner's work effective, and in the same time they warrant durability.

Operating Big Easy Cleaner is not dependent to times or places. Whenever there is a minute, you can apply it. The short-time bio-fouling is not poisonous anymore, meaning harmless bio-material shifting in the water-bodies only, which you don't feed with foreign or toxic materials anymore. Therefore it is not prohibited to remove it at any place.
According to local fouling matter conditions, the cleaning period averages 2 or 3 months.

Consumers' demand after ready for use solutions is triggering additional motivation to optimize the product standard. So they increase marketing biocide-free and easy-to-clean coatings. And, of course, suitable cleaning materials.

BigEasyCleaner – in order that our water-bodies may turn out to be livable, pure nature while aquatic sports evolve environmental friendly products.







former event information, not translated: 


Umweltseminar 2014 der Landesverbände Motorbootsport und Seesport Brandenburgs e.V.

 am Samstag, den 18. Oktober 2014

 Gastvortrag von Michael Reineke

 "Biozid-freies Unterwasserschiff an Sportbooten für Süß- und Brackwasserreviere"

 Gastgeber Dr. Thies Marwitz -

 Präsidiumsmitglied für Umwelt und Naturschutz des Landesverbandes Motorbootsport Brandenburg e.V

 im Potsdamer Seesportclub e.V. (Am Park Babelsberg in 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg)