German Environmental Foundation approved


The environmentally friendly biocide-free hull cleaning

Preventively avoids algae and mussel growth

Dear sailing and motorboat enthusiasts,

with our Big Easy Cleaner we like to introduce you to the approved and eco-friendly in-water hull cleaning technology, which should replace the current biocide-based antifouling paints by applying non-toxic and brushing-compatible underwater-hull coatings.

Big Easy Cleaner technology was presented as the favourite among the tested market available devices e.g. at Düsseldorfer Bootsmesse 2014 with group stand of German Environmental Foundation »Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt« as an innovation on the use of biocide-free coatings.

We wish you an enjoyable read and encourage you to employ this useful, site-independent device.

Sporting regards
Michael Reineke - CEO